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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are you still taking in jobs even with the stay-at-home order in effect?

I say yes, I sure hope so, technically I'm a part of the Automotive Collision Repair Industry and I can be in business. I have been a home based business for over 30 years and hopefully there will still be jobs coming in needing my services and yes, we can keep our distances and all be safe.

2.Are you still Teaching Workshops?

Sorry to say no, however my workshops were filmed and put on VHS tapes. We now offer a flash drive with over 7 hours of information containing all 5 videos covering: Pinstriping, Lettering, Painting Mini Graphics, Gold leafing and some Airbrushing. I also include a updated sheet and my 20 steps to teaching yourself how to pinstripe. To see a promo on You tube see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CHZ0x9_hcA

3 Can I bring you a picture on my phone to show you what I want done?

Yes, but best bet is to email the image to me at bob@bobbondart.com

4. Do you do Tape or painted on striping?

We do only old school painted-on pinstriping using the finest quality enamel available. Mostly executed freehand and sometimes done using a stencil type tape when doing thicker lines.

5. How much does it cost to get my car or motorcycle pinstriped?

I usually ask the question, do you want it simple, medium or fancy?,A simple job, few designs or lines here and there would cost $50-$100. A medium job would run from $100-$175 and a more detailed job could run from $200 and up depending upon how elaborate you want me to go.

6. Does it have to be clear coated?

The ultimate paint job is to have all the artwork, stripes or graphics underneath a layer of clear. However, ever since the first autos were adorned, all of the striping and artwork has been applied on top of the factory paint. So cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles can all have the decoration on top of the paint without needing to be clear coated and it will last for years.

7. Do I have to bring it to you or do you come to where the vehicle is?

I do not go mobile any longer.

8. Do I have to drop it off and leave it with you or can I wait for it to be done?

I must nowadays ask everyone to leave their projects with me You can drop off your project just about any time, call first 816-554-1800.

9. If I leave it with you will it be kept inside?

I always plan ahead and keep all vehicles inside. I can assure you, your vehicle or project is safe and secure here.

10. Do you do Vinyl lettering as well as Paint?

Yes, we do both. We have the equipment to cut and the ability to install vinyl lettering. Or it can be painted on to look as crisp and accurate as vinyl.

11. Do you do window tinting or complete paint jobs?

Sorry, no window tinting, side molding or trim. We do not have a spray booth, so we are unable to spray complete paint jobs, base coat or clear coating.

12. If I bring in a vehicle or project on a trailer, is there room for me to leave it there with you while you do my job?

Yes, we have plenty of room no matter how large your trailer may be.

13. How do I maintain my striping, lettering or artwork to stay looking new for years to come?

1) Wash with mild soap and dry with chamois type towels. 2) Polish with Meguiar's #H7 Show Car Glaze. 3) Never pressure wash any type of artwork applied on top of the original finish.

14. How do I summit pictures and info about myself to be included in AutoArt & Kustom Painting Magazine ?

Photographs for articles, showcase, portfolios or profiles: Photos should be good, clear, preferably close-up shots of your work. If the pics are digital files please save them at 300dpi .jpg or .tif at full size and send them to us on a CD or Flash Drive. If they are directly from a digital camera they need to be high resolution and at full size. High resolution images directly from a digital camera might be 72dpi but 38 inches in size and that's good. We cannot do anything with a 72dpi image that is 3x5 or 6x8 in inches. Please do not write on the back of your photos with a pen or marker. Post it notes work best.

Text: Please submit text typed clearly or save on CD or FD with photos. Profiles: Send in approx. 10-15 photos to accompany the profile, plus one of yourself.

Provide a short bio on you and your business such as how long you have been in business, what types of jobs you prefer; what types of materials do you use. Did anyone have a major influence on the development of your style and or abilites? Be sure to include any unique aspects of your business and techniques that you use. What else do you do? Such as do you etch glass, engrave, emboss, sculpt, make unique signs etc. Please include current phone # where we can reach you for an interview. We do always send extra copies to those who appear in our publication.

Call for an appointment right away.

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