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Bob Bond's Pricing Menu

Gift Certificates are available.

  • Custom Painted Pinstriping:
            Factory type double line striping: Small cars: $100
                                                                            Mid size cars: $100
                                                                         Large cars: $120
                                                                            Trucks: $120 - $200
                                    2 color striping no extra charge.

                                    Metallic gold and silver add: $50

                                    Color change over Factory striping add: 50%. (stripes will be slightly wider).
                                    Add a flair, initials or Monograms to personalize your vehicle: $10 and up.
                                    Triple lines add: 50%.

            Repair and replacement striping available.We can make it look like new again.
            Wholesale Volume discounting available - call for pricing breakdown.

      Custom Painted decorative striping with designs and lines:   Prices vary

  • Custom Painted Mini graphics (stripes with fades and special effects):
                                                                                                                Small size cars: $125 - 300
                                                                                                                Mid size cars: $150 - 350
                                                                                                                Large cars: $175 - 400
                                                                                                                Trucks: $200 - 400
  • Outlining Flames and Graphics:
            Prices vary by amount of time spent outlining,
            Call for a consultation or,
            Text or email a photo for a quote.

  • Custom painted Lettering:
            Prices vary by amount of time spent, minimum charge: $25.
            Call for a consultation.

  • Custom Airbrushing:
            Prices vary by amount of time spent,
            Call for a consultation.

  • Custom Painted Cartoons/Caricatures:
            Prices vary by amount of time spent, average price: $100
            Call for a consultation.

  • Motorcycle Striping:
            Minimum charge: $50 prices vary by amount of time spent and what you want,
            Call for a consultation.

  • Logo Designing:
            Minimum charge: $150 prices vary by amount of time spent,
            Call for a consultation or,
            E-mail me your idea and I can E-mail you a draft for approval and then finished Art.

  • As you can see on my Clipart page I'm the designer of many of the designs reproduced and seen worldwide. Each job I do is unique to each individual customer. Call right away for an appointment, Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • We gladly accept all major credit cards and checks.